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Arctic Leash

The MedReel is a retractable, watertight, medical grade extension cord reel.

The MedReel is the “SAFE answer to Healthcare / Medical power cord management. “

MedReel is the first CSA medically approved, green dot certified, hospital grade power cord, electrical extension cord reel that retracts. The Medreel is for use in all health care related application and facilities.

The Medreel is used where there is a need for instant retractable power.

The MedReel has gone through extensive testing, specifying it a durable product for the medical environment. The MedReel resolve safety issues in all hospital and healthcare facilities.

The MedReel has been designed to dramatically reduce or even eliminate the safety risk that traditional extension cords present to both patients and health care professionals.

Health Care facilities can save money by reducing the amount of equipment damaged due to falls off carts or being knocked over due to excess cord lying on the floor.

When not in use, electrical cords are conveniently and safely retracted, decreasing the possibility of simple accidents like trips and falls.

Normal extension cords become hazards when subjected to wet conditions. The MedReel is water-proof, eliminating this concern.

Internal structural breakdown of cords often results from repeated impacts to cords lying on the floor. This can cause fires or other electrical dangers. The MedReel prevents this type of damage, shielding the cord within the durable polypropelene case.

If the MedReel is subjected to a power surge, an integral circuit breaker is tripped, preventing damage to equipment and injury to patients and personnel.

Extensive and strict ETL Testing to conform with CSA has ensured the integrity of all MedReel components. Monitoring of the manufacturing process ensures that the MedReel continues to meet these strict safety requirements.

The MedReel is perfect for use in:
• Emergency Rooms
• Operating Rooms
• Trauma Centers
• Research labs
• Mobile blood centers
• Mobile medical units
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Pediatric facilities
• Geriatric wards
• Easily mounted on electric hospital beds, operating tables, portable testing equipment, crash carts, dialysis machines, IV poles, computer carts, or other electrical medical equipment, etc.

The Arctic Leash is a Green Product!


The all-weather Arctic Leash is the only outdoor mount retractable extension cord designed to be used for winter and summer.

With its weather proof case and internal circuit breaker allow for use in most every outdoor/ indoor application where protection from the elements is required.

The polar cord allows for flexibility even in the coldest months, which makes it perfect for vehicle block heaters. During the summers months, the UV resistant cord and case make the all weather Arctic Leash perfect for numerous household tasks.

The convenience of an extension cord, the safety of an internal circuit breaker and no unsightly tangled mess.

The Arctic Leash is durable, water-tight and easy to install. The Polar cord is flexible to –57º F and is Solar/Polar UV Resistant. Easy to operate with Pull to plug in and Retract with a tug.

With many possible outdoor/indoor applications including:

• Electric Vehicles
• Industrial Manufacturing Applications
• Food Processing Plants
• Kitchen Applications
• Boom Trucks and Cranes
• Electrical Chafing Applications
• Automotive Applications (Block Heaters)
• Marine Applications
• OEM Applications
• Geriatric wards
• Easily mounted with a variety of mounting brackets for all types of mounting applications including tables, carts, poles, ceilings, vehicles, boats, industrial, etc.

Look for information on new product developments soon to be released on our Marine Leash, Kitchen Leash, Boom Leash and other APC products.